Sea bass and sea bream, all the flavor of the sea on your table...

About Us

SPADOR s.r.l. is a modern and professional company whose goal is to be able to meet the needs of its customers.

Our products

Mediterranean Sea Bream

This Mediterranean fish with a unique taste has been loved and consumed since ancient times. It is preferred for its easily discarded bones and compact, white flesh.

Royal Sea Bass

Very white flesh, this fish can be boiled, grilled, sautéed in a pan or served with pilaki (in oil and vinegar). It comes to your dishes from the depths of the Mediterranean.

Salmon Trout

It is preferred for the reddish color of its flesh and the low density of spines. It is rich in protein and Omega 3.

Mediterranean Sea bass

The choice of sea lovers on elaborate tables. An elegant way to prolong the pleasure at the table by combining a pleasant conversation with taste is to decorate the dishes with a whole cooked Mediterranean sea bass.

Rainbow Trout

It can be consumed in any season, thanks to its flavour, the low density of thorns, the low economic value and the reach of all consumers

Bluefin Tuna

Tuna is a delicious fish from the Scombridae family. It is one of the most prized fish of the fresh and deep waters of the Mediterranean.

All our fish is certified by TUV.